I needed to depart from the idea of needing a rigid concept from which to build my work. I want it to be honest, to unleash the invisible, revealing the inner unknown vision to some tangible form, which transcends the boundaries of the figurative. The fascination of incorporating the polished transparent color together with the “frozen” moment of surface is the result of my interest to give form to the intangible. Through this fascination, I am inspired to infuse life into a transparent surface and to capture the raw moment of the material, its fluidity, its life. My work is unified through this fluidity of surface, color, and light.

I would like my work to have a spontaneous, and raw quality; I consider this the main theme of my work, where its heart is found. These elements keep the output alive with possibility, and although the end result is not defined by the origin of the materials or the artist, it is not a haphazard process. The goal is discovered via the journey. Through a liberal interpretation and usage of the materials I work with, I can capture in static form the spontaneous and raw movements of a surface that are otherwise cast aside. Surface, color, and light. Spontaneity and rawness. That is my work.

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