I needed to depart from the idea of needing a rigid concept from which to build my work. I want it to be honest, to unleash the invisible, revealing the inner unknown vision to some tangible form, which transcends the boundaries of the figurative. 

 My current focus and interest is to create the series of digital drawing, which I recreate into the visual that consists from the photos I shoot from my everyday life, found images, and digitally drawn illustrations. I am fascinated by the process of layering the ordinal images and turning them into the visuals with depth and possibilities with evoking stories via Photoshop as a medium. I believe the reason why I chose to use certain image or color is deeply connected with my life experiences, my preferences which has been shaped by my choices and circumstances, also by cultural background. I found joy, and the reason to create in order to turn invisible to visible, also to bring out my perspective into the visuals.   

The drawings were executed from visual archive of the collective memory from my life: some memorable images, or color, or impression. I really enjoy the process of layering and assembling the images until the moment that start to visually making sense, or feel the impression from the image has been altered into the one with depth and having its own life.

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